Since the dawn and dusk of Indian civilization, India has always been under the limelight on the stage of art and craft. Our prosperous cultural tradition and decades of heritage evolution by different varieties of not to miss - Art & Crafts.

That moment was the presence of magnificent masterpieces of artistic landmarks, especially manifested by Indian art and craft which invited invaders all over the world. But, unfortunately, they failed to take away the inherent artistic skill of the one and only native Indians. As we know that handicrafts serve as a forever reflection of our traditional identity of people of a particular location/region. With the ages, Indian handicrafts flourished under numerous empires and were successful to develop in itself the peculiarity and speciality of every period.

Global Attraction

The magic of art and craft skill made the world go down before India is being passed from every generation and is ever prospering and ever blossoming. The artisans were blessed with their inbuilt skill which couldn’t be compared with anything.

Indian HandiCraft

If you are interested in handicraft for your space. You can avail and enjoy scrolling every page and drool with their collection.

Fanusta Ganesha Wooden Wall Art
Wooden Ganesha Wall Art

Terracotta Designs

Looking for pretty and artistic designs for yourself? Well, how about terracotta designs? The magnificent touch just for you!

Jaspier provides an opportunity for their loved customers to own some of the ethnic products and bring in some artistic touch for their space and everything else. Each of them crafted by the artisans of India.

Malhaar Blue Pottery Bathware by Fanusta
Nishaat Terracotta Jar by Fanusta

The team of Jaspier possesses endless of crafted products, each of them dwelling in the glory of the heritage of Indian handicraft. You can also find artifacts from every zone and sector of art and craft at your service. Some of the collections are: home decor, vases, handicraft furniture, blue pottery, scented candles, wall murals, terracotta jars, frames, paintings, bath-ware, kitchen and dining, marble statues, and much more to explore.

Like said, what are thinking about? Any specific you are looking for? May be that painting would look good on that wall. Or the corner table might ask for a vase. You name it, everything is here. Enjoy!